Clear the cache of only one single website in Chrome

2-minute read.

If you want to clear a single cached webpage in Google’s Chrome browser but don’t want to clear all of them, here’s how to do it.

The problem

Google Chrome caches the internet pages you visit by default. This is great most of the time because it means a website you’ve previously visited will load faster the next time you open it. It’s not so great when a problem arises. As an example, you may have visited a website that’s temporarily down (broken) or is offline due to an update being applied. Whatever the reason, the next time you visit it, it will still show as offline even if it isn’t.

And, no matter how many times you try to refresh the page, or even hard refresh (Control + F5 key), it still won’t load.

The solution

One solution is to clear the entire Chrome cache and browsing history, thus wiping the stored info for every website that has a cached version saved. This can be a pain in the neck because it means all other sites you frequently visit, will lose all the stored info too. This can be inconvenient as you may find yourself having to type out all the details in the address bar in want to log in to a website.

Another solution it to just cleared the stored data for the one single domain/website you’re having issues with.

How it’s done

To clear the cache for a specific website in Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the website that you want to clear the cache of
  2. Press the F12 key on your keyboard to open the Chrome Developer Tools.
  3. Right-click on the “Refresh” button in the address bar and select “Empty cache and hard reload” from the context menu.
Empty the cache and hard reload the webpage

Alternatively, you can try opening Chrome Developer Tools by clicking on the three little vertical dots in the top right corner, then choosing “More Tools”, then “Developer Tools”. Once the dev tools screen opens, right-click on the refresh button and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” from the context menu. This should clear the cached content for the specific website you want to deal with and force Chrome to download a fresh copy of the website page.

If that doesn’t work

However, if this doesn’t do the job for you, what definitely should work is to go back to the website for which you want to clear the cache (and cookies) for and then click on the small padlock icon in the address bar, just to the left of the website’s address (image below). Then, depending on your version of Chrome, you need to click on “Cookies”, “Site Settings” or, as in the image below “Cookies and site data”.

Look for cookies and site data

Then, find the section labelled “Cached images and files”, “Cookies and site data” or “Manage cookies and site data” (image below).

Click the manage cookies and site data option

Finally, click on the “Clear data”, “Clear all” or click on the bin icon (image below) to clear the cache and cookies for the specific website. This should get the job done.

Click the bin icon to empty the cache

Last resort

Just go to the private browsing “Incognito” mode to access the website if you still can’t load the page in a normal browsing window. This will definitely prevent Chrome from using any cached data or cookies for your problematic website. Another last and 100% final resort is, of course, to use a different browser such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari if you’re on a Mac.