Our Clients - Case Studies

Expert Skip Hire

Expert Skip Hire - Site design, logo, SEO & social media

Based in East Sussex, this skip company wanted a new domain name, logo and company website that would get them to the top of Google. This is where we stepped in. After registering their domain name and putting a brand new, super lean website online, it took us around 4 months to get them from page 8 of Google to position 2 on page one for the extremely competitive search term 'skip hire sussex'.

We didn't hang around and sit on our laurels, we continued to work hard and they're now occupying the organic top spot (non paid-for ads) on page one. Go on, check it out for yourself

We currently run all their social media including regular posts on Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest together with regular blog posts on their news page. They are happy bunnies! ... and to quote the owner, "I can't fault you, you've done everything you said you would".

Metro Waste

Metro Waste - Site design, SEO & social media

Based in Central London, this waste management company wasn't getting the results it wanted with its old, outdated website and so asked us if we could help. We breathed in deeply, pulled up our pants and got to work. After only 3 months they've gone from Google oblivion to flirting between page one and page two for the brutally competitive search term "Waste disposal London" Why not confirm this yourself by clicking here?

Briarswood Clinic

Briarswood Clinic - Onsite SEO

We don't have much to say about this client, except that we've delivered the goods. Although we didn't build the website, the clinic has hosted their site with us for several years and after deciding to give us a try for some key strategic SEO, they're now at the very top of the organic (non-paid ads) search results on page one for 'slimming clinic essex'. See for yourself.

Immaculate Touch

Immaculate Touch - SEO and part social media

We took over the running of this website and are now overseeing their social media campaign whilst also writing the company's blog posts. In just two months of hard SEO work on the site, we've gone from the middle of page five to the very top half of page one for 'microblading kent' - One of our fastest successes to date. Take a look to make sure we're not fibbing.

Kent Roofing

Kent Roofing - Site design & SEO

If you Google 'kent roof contractor' our client always pops up on page one. We're confident that we could easily get this to the number one spot but the client already has more work than he can handle.

Blindingly Obvious

Blindingly Obvious - Site design, logo design, SEO marketing

This is one of our newer clients. It's always hard working with a brand new domain name and no existing/established footprint on the world wide web. Whilst this client already had a wealth of experience under his belt, getting him results for his new fully fledged business has taken a lot of hard slogging. After just three months of his initial launch, he's now getting a steady flow of regular work and is appearing on page one for the competitive search term 'fitted blinds kent'  - Not bad after only a few months.

House Heads

House Heads Radio - Site design with SEO tweaks and a video chatroom for listeners

These dance music loving folks flirt between page one and two for the GLOBAL search term 'house music radio station'. Pretty good going for a world wide search. We do this one for free, because they're our friends!


Chantelle - Makeup artist - Site design & SEO

Chantelle is a mobile makeup artist covering Kent and parts of London. We built her site to her specifications and tailored the content to the main areas she prefers to work in. Her main work is wedding hair and makeup but she also does HD Brows as well. After a quick chat on the phone not long ago, her only complaint after we began her online campaign was that her phone was ringing too much!

The Tree Co

The Tree Co. - Site design & SEO

Will, the owner of The Tree Co. is bowled over by the success he's had after deciding to throw some SEO work in our direction. We built his site, then worked closely with him to put the right content on it and he's now expanded to cover Norfolk and parts of London. In his own words, he's 'well chuffed'!