SEO Expert Kent

Today, we thought we'd run a little ranking test for the search term "SEO Expert Kent". Why? Well, if your business is based in Kent and you're not getting the website traffic you need, you might decide to look for some geeky, expert help in order to generate new leads.

All DIVI accordion elements collapsed and closed

DIVI's accordion feature is easy to set up and use but it does have a few limitations. One of them is the ability to have the first accordion box automatically closed/collapsed by default. The problem is, this isn't a feature that's available in the backend. With all DIVI's functionality, you'd think that this was an option that could be toggled on and off in the backend, but it isn't.

blogger blogspot spam backlinks

There's no doubt that the blogging platform, is a great way to easily create free blogs. If you're a budding author and want to test the water, it's an ideal platform to hop on. The trouble is, blogging "blogspot" subdomains are all too frequently used by spammers that are looking to increase the domain authority of their own (or their client's) website/domain.

divi caption image text module header

After working on a DIVI Wordpress website for a client recently, it became apparent that placing an image caption within DIVI's image module wasn't something that could be done out-of-the-box. Although DIVI has many cool features, some common things you'd expect to come as standard in the DIVI theme simply aren't there. Image captions are a case in point; If you're using the normal Wordpress WYSIWYG editor, it's pretty straightforward but with DIVI... not so much.

So, here's how you do it, and on this occasion, we don't need any CSS (as is common with DIVI customisation) to get the job done.

groyne removal cooden beach bexhill, East Sussex

Starting today (Tuesday 18th June 2019), contractors working with the Environment Agency have begun removing the groynes that run from the Cooden Beach Hotel to the fisherman's huts at the other end of Cooden Beach near Bexhill, East Sussex. We assume that this is because the groynes have reached the end of their useful life.

What is a dictionary attack?

In case you're wondering.. nope, it's not your doggy tearing your dictionary to shreds! It's actually geeky computer-speak for a method that's often used by would-be hackers who are trying to break into a computer, server or website using a type of brute-force method. The phrase dictionary attack is aptly named because the hacker will try every word contained in the dictionary plus a whole host of other words/phrases that are carelessly used as passwords.

divi buttons side by side end result

We've recently used the Wordpress theme/page builder DIVI on a few websites and by-and-large it's pretty user-friendly and you can build great looking websites much faster than coding from scratch. However, it does have some limitations and some things that you'd expect to be included as standard right out of the boxes aren't there.

hyperlink color background divi

After using the Wordpress theme DIVI on a few websites now, we've had to delve into some simple CSS to achieve certain tweaks to get things to look how we want them to. In this brief tutorial, we deal with changing the color of hyperlinks that can't easily be seen because of the background color we're using.

duplicate uppercase lowercase google wordpress joomla

If you use Google Webmaster Tools to keep an eye on your website's performance, you may have come across the problem of duplicate URLs being flagged as 'not indexed' due to Google picking up on URLs that are all lowercase when you create them, but somehow seeing some uppercase letters in there too. For example, you create a web page with the URL:

but somehow, you also see in Webmaster Tools:

Notice how Google has replaced the lowercase "l" with an "L" for London and is now reporting a problem to you.

100 percent score with Google Pagespeed Insights for mobile devices

Opening Irony Statement

If you paste our website URL into Google Pagespeed Insights, you may see results of slightly less than 100% despite the screenshots on this page showing that we can actually achieve it. The reason for this is that, from an SEO point of view, we've found (by experimentation) that we can actually rank better with a lower score, as the techniques we used to achieve the 100% scores are detrimental to other techniques that we currently employ for our website (and our clients' sites).


If you're one of those SEO geek types that's obsessed with website loading speeds (as you should be), and you run a Joomla website, then this post is for you. At Smart Digital Solutions, we're no different; we know it's one of those things that Google pays attention to, especially since mobile devices make up a huge percentage of the total number of searches made. With mobile search percentages set to climb even higher as the years progress, now's the time to pay attention to the loading speed of your website if you haven't already done so. With this in mind, Pagespeed Insights is certainly a good place to start if you're looking to improve the score of your Joomla website.

How to install RED5 Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 2018

The Free and Open Source Red5 Flash Media Server can be notoriously difficult to install and get up and running on any server, whether it be Ubuntu, CentOS or any other server system you care to mention. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly get up and running so you can test and play around with RED5 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Updated November 2018 and good for 2019 too!

Online guides are often outdated and no longer work. As a case in point, our now outdated guide on how to set up Red5 on CentOS 7 will no longer work with the current command line instructions. However, as of updating this in November 2018, the guide below DOES work for RED5 & Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. 

 Red widgets, keyword stuffing and density

This post follows on from a YouTube video posted on the Google Webmasters channel way back in 2011 where Matt Cutts talks about keyword density and also tries to explain a little bit about keyword stuffing by using "Red Widgets" as an example product a company is trying to rank their website for.

centos logo

***This guide is now outdated - If you're desperate to get RED5 up and running, have a look at our "how to set up RED5 on Ubuntu 18.04 instead***


First of all, let's update the system:
# yum update -y

Then,  let's install openjdk 1.8.0:
# yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel -y

Fail2Ban intrusion detector running on a Plesk/Onyx Web server

Protection for your website and server

Fail2Ban is an intrusion prevention software framework that protects computer servers from brute-force attacks. Written in the Python programming language, it is able to run on POSIX systems that have an interface to a packet-control system or firewall installed locally, for example, iptables or TCP Wrapper.