Pay Per Click – Google Ads // Adwords

Paid advertising

We’re a Google Partner Agency

Being a Google Partner means our company is recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients as well as driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns.

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is a form of paid internet advertising

A brief summary – What is PPC?

If you use Google to search for goods or services, you may have noticed that the top few results have a small green box containing the word “Ad” or “Sponsored” next to them. These are called Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and are search results that the owner of the website has paid to have displayed in this position.

They are often referred to as “Pay per Click” ads because the owner has to pay Google each time the ad is clicked on.

How much do the ads cost?

The cost of the ad varies depending on the search term used, its popularity and position (whether it’s the first or the last of the ads). It can be costly to run this kind of marketing campaign so it needs to be done correctly.

What we do

We diligently research your industry and the terms customers might use to find your product or service. With this information, we tailor intelligent, well-worded ads that maximise the chances of your ad being the one that’s clicked on in order to maximise your Return on Investment (ROI).