Website Design

I've already got a website, what's the big deal?

Most companies already have a website but things change pretty fast on the World Wide Web. Keeping your site up to date with the latest advances in technology is vital - We can either work with your existing website or provide a brand new one tailored to your specifications.

Why your website probably needs a facelift.

Your website plays a key role in what your potential and existing clients think about you. If it doesn't cut the mustard and create a good first impression, you're likely to lose the opportunity for new business. All of our websites are SEO driven; they're fast loading, well optimized and responsive.

What does all this jargon mean?

  • SEO:Getting you found on the internet
  • Responsive:Adapts to different devices (pc's, phones, tablets etc.)
  • Pagespeed: Loading time of a webpage
  • Optimization: Getting search engines to love your site

Some of these terms sound pretty geeky but when combined, they mean that your website needs to load fast (people hate waiting for a website to appear on their screen), contain relevant content specific to your industry and be easy for them to read whether they're viewing it on a large TV or a Smartphone/ Tablet.