Google My Business and Google Maps listing

Can’t find your unlisted Google Place ID? Here’s how

2-minute read.

If you’re struggling to find your Google Place ID because your GMB (Google My Business) listing isn’t showing when you visit Google’s Place ID Finder (screenshot below) map page, then it is still possible to locate it using a different method.

Are you struggling to find your Google My Business (GMB) listing's Place ID on Google maps?

Why is my GMB Google Place ID not listed?

We won’t go into all the reasons why it might not be showing because it could be a technical reason or it could simply be because you have your address and physical location hidden from public view e.g. you’re a mobile hairdresser and you want a GMB listing but don’t want your customers turning up at your home.

Whatever the reason, here’s what to do to find your Google Place ID.

1. Open up your browser (we’re using Google Chrome in this post). Search for the exact name of your business (or the exact name of your listing) so that it comes up in the panel to the right of the results. The image below shows what it looks like on a desktop PC.

Look for your GMB panel to the right of your listing. This image shows the desktop PC view.

2. Scroll down the panel on the right until you can see a button that says “Write a review” and right-click on it.

If your browser is Google Chrome, you’ll see something similar to the image below.

Use the "Inspect" option in Google Chrome to find your Place ID.

3. Left-click on inspect and a box to the right will pop up with a lot of code in it. Look above the lines that are highlighted for a string of numbers that come just after:

If you look at the image below, you’ll get an idea of where on the page it’s located.

the "data-pid" number between the quote marks is your Place ID.

The string of numbers inside the quote marks (“…”) is your Google My Business Place ID.