groyne removal cooden beach bexhill, East Sussex

Groyne Removal on Cooden Beach, Bexhill, East Sussex

Starting today (Tuesday 18th June 2019), contractors working with the Environment Agency have begun removing the groynes that run from the Cooden Beach Hotel to the fisherman’s huts at the other end of Cooden Beach near Bexhill, East Sussex. We assume that this is because the groynes have reached the end of their useful life.

Although we’re not sure how long the groynes have been on this particular stretch of the East Sussex coastline, a local resident said that they’ve been here for around 150 years. The steady weathering of the groynes make them particularly beautiful as the now smooth wood has been gently eroded by the wind, rain and the sea over the last one and a half centuries or so.

groynes cooden beach, 2, East Sussex

It’s such a shame to see them being yanked out of the beach as not only are they beautiful, some also provide protection from the harsh wind that so often whistles briskly along the shoreline and you’ll often see people sheltering behind them on sunny (but windy) days.


Cooden beach is especially popular with not only day-trippers but windsurfers too and the removal of the groynes (sometimes misspelled “groins”) will change how the beach looks forever.

groynes removed cooden beach, bexhill 3, East Sussex

groynes cooden beach, bexhill, East Sussex 4

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